Electrochromic Display & E-Paper Technology

Manufacturers & Designers Of Electrochromic Displays & Printed E-Paper

Linepro's Electrochromic or E-Paper Technology is widely used in interactive cum display section of devices like smart labels, monitoring devices, access control systems, medical devices, automobiles and aviation.

It's a Printed Flexible Electronics based E-paper that is thin, light-weight, flexible and easy to integrate in various devices. It's cost-effectiveness is driving a change in display products industry. With innovations happening everyday, Linepro is ready to serve displays that are ultra power-savers against digital signages, though having great visibility.

Membrane Keypad for consumer and home appliances

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Mass Production

Roll-to-Roll Automated Production line for bulk volumes

Customized Solutions

Designing Electrochromic Displays for desired applications

Display Integration

We undertake integrating and assembling displays with your devices

Membrane Keypad for consumer and home appliances

What is Electrochromic Technology?

Electrochromism is a physical change in color when voltage is applied to a specific material. Electrochromic displays are prepared by printing conductive ink layers, which are very thin, in form of electrolytes. When the electrochromic material is applied electrical stimulus, there occurs chemical oxidation and reduction. The color changes can be controlled by using right ink formulation. These are very thin in order of 200 micro metre and flexible to be integrated in highly compact and thin module.


Low power consumption of Electrochromic display
Low Power Consumption
 Flexibility of Electrochromic display
Highly Flexible Displays
Thin Electrochromic Displays
Thin Profiles

In-house Customization of Electrochromic Displays

Linepro's advanced printing machinery in form of roll-to-roll production is best for bulk orders and custom designs. With total control of the manufacturing, we can flexibly deliver results.

We do a thorough quality check of Electrochromic displays for visual and electronic defects which delivers 100% verified and tested displays.

Roll-to-roll printing is most economical method to save costs. Linepro has dedicated facility for printing and does not rely on external parties for purpose of large volume orders. For best quotes, contact us with your project details.


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