Linepro has manufactured and served membrane keypads and keyboards to home appliances industry in India extensively for over 30 years. Every industry has challenging task to design membrane keypads to suit the given working conditions, membrane keypads for home appliances industry are very specific about aesthetics and user experience.

Linepro has experience of designing and manufacturing membrane keypads and switches for innumerable consumer electronic appliances. Our graphics design team is expert in delivering best graphics for keypads that they blend well with the entire appliance. Further, keypads for electronic appliances need to be catchy as well as promote enhanced user experience. One factor which fulfills this criteria is by employing attractive backlight illumination for membrane keypads.

Read how we enhance effectiveness of membrane keypads by backlighting.
Membrane Keypad for consumer and home appliances

Our reputation with consumer electronic appliances manufacturers is due to the fact that we provide customized solutions for membrane keypads and keyboards. We consult and guide on the selection of circuit substrate, backlighting, overlay material and its graphics.

Membrane Keypad for consumer and home appliances

Consumer or household electronic appliances are meant to make life easier.

Linepro’s Membrane keypads are designed keeping in mind all-round performance

•To act as protection against potential electric shock
•Good resistance against fluid-spill and dust
•Anti-corrosive properties
•Light-weight and compact
•Cost-effective input device
•Ease of cleaning and maintaining hygiene
•Rich graphics and aesthetics

Consumer & household Electronic appliances employing Membrane Keypads, Keyboards & Switches and their applications

Membrane Keypads for Microwave Ovens
membrane keypads and switches for microwave ovens

Features: Product Designers employ membrane keypads to Microwave Ovens due to the fact that keypads designed appropriately can exhibit great durability against high temperatures which the oven usually operates at.

Membrane Keypads for Electric or Induction Stoves
membrane keypads and switches for electric, induction stove

Features: Linepro's Electric Stoves with membrane keypads help prevent electric shock hazards as keypads are completely insulated and encapsulated. Besides, we design graphic overlays of membrane keypads in manner they are easy to clean from any liquid or semi-solid food spill. Further, keypads at Linepro for stoves are best sealed for any liquid ingress.

Membrane Keypads for Electric Rice Cookers
membrane keypads and switches for electric rice cookers

Features: Special consideration of prolonged high temperatures while selecting entire component list of membrane keypads for electric rice cookers. Also, the graphic overlay of keypad should always match the entire device.

Membrane Keypads for Gym Treadmills and equipment
membrane keypads and switches for gym treadmills

Features: Membrane Keypads for gym equipment, specifically treadmills are wider and larger than normal keypads. These keypads are designed at Linepro keeping in mind continuous, harsh and sometimes abusive activities. Treadmills also face danger of drinking water and sweat spill. Linepro considers this factor and designs and manufactures keypads to be free from liquid ingress. We also consider backlighting for added user experience, so that user may be able to notice keypad controls more effectively.

Membrane Keypads for Washing Machines
membrane keypads and switches for washing machines

Features: Linepro's Membrane keypads for washing machines are designed and manufactured in a way that there stands no chance for liquid ingress. Liquid ingress is very critical for commercial washing machine keypads. The design of keys is such that they appear bigger in comparison to entire keypad. This makes them durable against harsh use and also enhances their presence on the keypad.

In order to offer you the exact product as per your specs, it is recommended that you provide the following information to us Keyboard can be made with different specs depending on your application. Mainly we need three kinds of information to start a job:

Here you are requested to give dimensions of Keyboard, Display & LED locations, stud size & its location, switch size & its location, connector location and tail length and its location etc.

Here you are advised to provide a detailed circuit diagram (logic Diagram) of electronic components with component specifications including pin numbers of connector. However we recommend to provide us the freedom to select connector pin numbers so that we can minimize the cross connections and reduce the complexity and improve the reliability of the Keyboard. In case of flexible membrane Keyboard, cost of the product will reduce as well.

It is important to select proper overlay material depending upon the application. The most common and economical material is Polycarbonate. We use special grade polyester which is very suitable for embossing and gives good chemical and scratch resistance. In order to make a impressive and attractive overlay, it is important to choose proper color, shade, font size, font shape etc.

Application of the product (consumer, industrial, medical) etc.
Enclosure color
Functional characteristics of LED & Switch

You can choose a combination of matt and glossy finishes on the overlays. We can provide background illumination on selective areas of the Keyboard (Electro-Luminescent Technology).
The aesthetic look of the Keyboard can be further enhanced by embossing the switch and LED areas.