MANUFACTURER OF FLEXIBLE MEMBRANE KEYPADS AND KEYBOARDS (SWITCHES) MANUFACTURERS & SUPPLIER IN INDIA Linepro’s Flexible Membrane Keypads and Keyboards are widely consumed amongst input devices by medical, consumer electronics and industrial sectors in India. The keypads have buttons backed with or without metal domes underneath, depending on the choice of feedback whether it is tactile or non-tactile requirement of feedback. They have a flexible tail with or without connector based on design and application. Flexible Keypads are preferable in low to medium intensity applications. The electronic circuit for flexible keypads is screen printed on a substrate medium using conductive inks. Linepro has dedicated, advanced manufacturing facility for manufacturing precise and bulk flexible printed circuits.

Silver Flexible Membrane Keypads and Keyboards

Silver Flex membrane switch panels use screen printed silver and conductive inks on flexible polyester layers separated with an adhesive spacer. This design is most commonly used in flexible membrane keypads. It offers a compact, space-saving design. Linepro is leading manufacturer, supplier and integrator of Silver flexible circuits into membrane keypads and keyboards in India. Silver flexible circuitry is more economical than electromechanical switch assemblies. The process of screen printing conductive silver inks onto flexible substrates poses less risk to the environment than chemically etched copper.

You have many design options with Silver Flex membrane switches:

• Tactile and non-tactile with metal or polyester tactile domes
• Embedded LEDs
• Backlighting with EL (Electroluminescent)
• Protection against EMI/RFI
• Standard connectors with .100" centers or ready for ZIF connections

A Silver Flex membrane switch also uses a graphic overlay that offers a variety of design options:

• You can either screen-print or digitally print your products
• Embossing the graphics, logo and buttons
• Transparent or tinted display windows
• Selective textures
• Surface finishes with UV hard-coat


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Copper Flexible Membrane Keypads and Keyboards

Copper Flexible Membrane Keypads and Keyboards are great for small designs where space is limited, dense circuit patterns, and trace routing restrictions. Copper Flexible keypads use silver or copper layers that are laminated to a dielectric layer and then etched away. This switching technology allows you to combine the flexibility of a membrane keypad with the complexity of a rigid FR4 printed circuit board. The Copper Flexible keypads have the advantage- that they can "hard" solder the active and passive components together, making them a great choice for high-vibration environments. Copper Flexible circuits can be made using either polyamide (Kapton), depending on the interface requirements. The copper sheet is then laminated to the flexible substrate and chemically etched away leaving behind copper traces.

Copper Flexible membrane keypads come in a range of designs:

• Double-sided and single-sided designs
• Copper Flexible membrane Keypads have a lower electrical resistance and higher conductivity than traditional Silver Flex switches
• Traceability and tight routing
• They have a thin profile and is flexible
• You have the option of plating in tin-lead or nickel
• Tactile and non-tactile with metal or polyester tactile domes
• Soldering can be done on LEDs and other components