Membrane Keyboard (Switches) and Keypads

Membrane keyboards or membrane switches are pressure design pads that have only outlines and symbols printed on a flexible flat surface. These Membrane keyboard work by electrical contact between the keyboard surface and the underlying circuits when the key top areas are pressed with help of an external force. The basic principle behind the functionality of a membrane keypad is that the contact behind the tactile key or non - tactile key closes an open loop of the circuit which ends on the flexible tail. Membrane keyboard / keypads can range from flexible keyboard, backlit keyboard, waterproof keyboard, embossed keyboard, hybrid keyboard, front facia keyboard, tactile and non - tactile keyboard and many more.

Equipped with state of the art, climatically controlled manufacturing facility in Mumbai, Linepro Controls is committed to deliver class-leading membrane switches and keypads in the electronic industry. We are an industry recognized quality provider of membrane keypads and switches. Our membrane keypads, switches, Custom-made HMI solutions, Capacitive keyboards commonly known as Touch sense keyboard and all other products are fully customizable that can be easily integrated into any product application. Our membrane keypads ensure exceptional product design for any kind of complex switch keyboards and other human-machine interfaces. We provide best quality membrane switches and keypads for various industries like Healthcare, Consumer electronics, Automobile, Defence, Security, Aerospace, Marine, Lab instruments, Industrial and many more.

Membrane Switches and Keypads
Membrane Keyboard

Why use Linepro Controls membrane switches and keypads

For more than 27 years, Linepro controls has been providing quality products with a myriad of customization options. At Linepro we have invested a considerable amount of capital expenditure in our state of the art, climatically controlled manufacturing facility that offers enhanced production efficiency and high quality finished products. We have a dedicated team of skilled engineers and Research & development professionals who ensures total customer satisfaction by offering expert recommendations and support to develop quality membrane keypad designs that are made in our ISO certified manufacturing facility. We deliver fully customizable keyboards that can be easily integrated in any complex applications. Our membrane switches enjoy long-lasting durability and exceptional working span.

What do we offer

We provide state of the art custom input devices and Printed Electronics for ultimate human-machine interface experience. We offer end to end solutions and endless customization options as per our customer needs and requirements. Some of the customization options we provide are

Integrated LED
EMI/ESD & RSI Shielding
Multicolor graphic membrane overlays

Hybrid Membrane Keyboards
Chemical and UV Resisance
EL Backlighting
Different Types of Connectors
Heat Resistance

Moisture Sealing
Hard Coating
Fine Textured
Soft Touch
Gloss Finish

Membrane Keyboards
Membrane Keypad Exporter


Rigid Printed circuit board switches are utilized in situations where the OEM customer may like to utilize the PCB as a rigid backer which a membrane keyboard lacks. The PCB can also be populated with active and passive components reducing the amount of materials and interconnections.

Create your next membrane switch design with us

In order to provide customer with optimal solution, it is very crucial for us to know where and how the membrane switches will be used. The most common approach we prefer is when customer provides a graphic drawing or design and a description of how and where the customer plans to connect the membrane keypad at their site. Additional information required for designing your product is mentioned below.

Membrane Keyboard India
LP3924 UV Lamp Panel

For detail drawing click here

Model: LP 3907


Good Tactile Feedback
Green & Red Backlight
PCB-based membrane keypad with Dynamic Design and Layout
Dust Proof, Anti-interference, which make it a good choice for public use and in harsh environment
Excellent Durability and Long life span Robust
Application Medical Equipment, Industrial Automation, Home Automation, PLC, etc



Model: LP 4127

Make: Siemens


Good Tactile Feedback
Flexible PCB-based membrane keypad
Customized graphics
Dust Proof, Anti-interference for Harsh Working Conditions
Excellent Durability
Long life span Robust
Application Industrial Automation, PID based Electronic Controller System

In order to offer you the exact product as per your specs, it is recommended that you provide the following information to us Keyboard can be made with different specs depending on your application. Mainly we need three kinds of information to start a job:

Here you are requested to give dimensions of Keyboard, Display & LED locations, stud size & its location, switch size & its location, connector location and tail length and its location etc.

Here you are advised to provide a detailed circuit diagram (logic Diagram) of electronic components with component specifications including pin numbers of connector. However we recommend to provide us the freedom to select connector pin numbers so that we can minimize the cross connections and reduce the complexity and improve the reliability of the Keyboard. In case of flexible membrane Keyboard, cost of the product will reduce as well.

It is important to select proper overlay material depending upon the application. The most common and economical material is Polycarbonate. We use special grade polyester which is very suitable for embossing and gives good chemical and scratch resistance. In order to make a impressive and attractive overlay, it is important to choose proper color, shade, font size, font shape etc.

Application of the product (consumer, industrial, medical) etc.
Enclosure color
Functional characteristics of LED & Switch

You can choose a combination of matt and glossy finishes on the overlays. We can provide background illumination on selective areas of the Keyboard (Electro-Luminescent Technology).
The aesthetic look of the Keyboard can be further enhanced by embossing the switch and LED areas.