EL Lamp


Electro luminescent (EL) light is technically described as a Light Emitting Capacitor (LEC). EL lamp has many benefits including being thin, flexible, cool and energy efficient. It is useful for advertising sign boards, promotions, posters and all kinds of novelty applications. The EL lamp has been most popularly used for backlight LCDs, cell phones, etc. The color EL technology can also be applied in all kinds of advertisements, sign boards, displays in ornamental stores, restaurants, bars, theatres, vehicles and more...

We can help you produce any electroluminescent lamp products with very competitive pricing. The animated lighting will easily attract people's attention. Colour EL lamp can illuminate areas that were never imagined before such as bodies of large vehicles, theater stages etc. Colour electro-luminescent lighting is particularly useful for advertising and anything that needs to attract attention, such as safety signs. Though eye-catching, EL lighting generates very comfortable light which do not irritate the eyes.

We customize EL lamps for all kinds of uses and applications. The images shown below are just a few samples of our products. We hope these images will provide some ideas and inspire you to create your own design. Most EL lamps can be used as regular signs in sunlight. But as the surroundings get darker, the EL panel stands out even more. EL lamps can be framed, but the sheet itself is very thin and flexible and can be hung anywhere.