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Backlighting for Membrane Keypads

Backlighting for Membrane Keypads

While it's not always a design necessity, some membrane keypads & keyboards do have backlights. The backlighting component is used to illuminate both sides of the keypad to ensure that the keys are easy for users to interpret and approach for. While most of us know the intentions behind placing a backlighting feature, very few are acquainted with the fact of how it functions on membrane keypads.

At first, what are membrane keypads & keyboards?
Before we go into the details of backlighting in membrane keypads & keyboards, we'll first have an overview of keypads themselves. Membrane keypads are electrical circuit comprised of a flexible material. Majority of electrical switches (like membrane keypads) are used for switching on and off an electrical circuit. This straightforward design can be used in many different applications. Membrane keypads & keyboards are flexible devices which make them suitable for devices with small dimensions that interface with humans (HMIs) and other devices.

Backlighting in Membrane Switches, Keypads, Keyboards
Backlighting in Membrane Switches, Keypads, Keyboards

How Membrane Keypad & Keyboard backlighting works?

The backlighting of membrane keypads & keyboards operates in the same way as backlighting on other gadgets; this also includes liquid crystal display (LCDs). In membrane keypads & keyboards, there is an element that backlights specifically for lighting its front. If the device with it is switched on, the component for backlighting is activated. This causes lighting to shine upwards and into the upper layer of the keypad.

Backlit membrane keypads & Keyboards are those keypads that have an internal layer that points and allows light to pass through keypad areas. This does not affect the membrane keypad's tactile effect. There are many ways to achieve the desired effect, depending on the working conditions, product usage, graphic layout complexity, power requirements and other factors. Linepro can help you find the best back lighting solution for you.

Why Linepro as your partner for membrane keypad backlighting?

Linepro is a leading manufacturer of backlit membrane keypads & keyboards in India for 30 years. The engineering and design teams of Linepro, team up with component and material suppliers to develop products that are both visually appealing and strategically visible. The LED backlit membrane keypads and keyboards allow for a fully backlit device with the same functionality as a traditional membrane keypad. Backlighting keys, icons, and nomenclature can be done now at a much lower cost. They can be mixed-colored and lit together, or individually.

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Does your membrane keypad really need a backlighting feature?

It is important to keep in mind, that some membrane keypads & keyboards do not require backlighting. In bright and well-lit settings, the user will be able to observe the membrane keypads & keyboards and the keys without backlighting. However, if a membrane keypad is utilized in a dim or dark conditions, or poorly lit space, backlighting could enhance the functionality of the device and decrease human errors. This is the reason why it is essential to think about how and when you'll use the backlighting for a membrane keypad in the most appropriate way.

General Considerations for a Backlit Membrane Keypad & Keyboard

• Graphic overlays are digitally printed onto a suitable substrate. In case, the membrane keypad is located in an environment that is more harsh, we can also make use of hardened glass and stainless steel for your panel materials. It is crucial to select Overlay printing in line with the specifications.

• The window of membrane keypads and keyboards must be made of materials that are transparent, translucent or colored. Its window is designed to be distinct and the selection of materials can be different for different cases of projects. If the window is big in size and you need to see clearly the bottom LCD or touch screen we can always consider using scratch-resistant windows.

• The use of selective texture and UV-hardcoat surface finish

Non-tactile or tactile, snap dome, non-snap dome

• Pillow rim-embossed membrane keypad and keyboard panels

• Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive, Optically Clear Adhesive, Air Gap

EMI/RFI Shielding

• Support backers that are rigid, such as aluminum and FR4 with PEM mounting fasteners

• Standard connectors, such as CJT, Nicomatic and Molex etc.