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Printed Electronics is an emerging technology that has grown with an increased demand for wearable electronics and other devices. As these devices are very thin and lightweight, the need for such devices increases.

There is a wide range of applications for Printed Electronics. This is because of their thin and flexible nature, and the ease with which they can be integrated into various substrates.

In order to tailor print solutions according to your specific needs, our team use their knowledge, research as well as development at the interface between science and industry. Our R&D team has a solid understanding of the materials, processes and printing technologies that are essential for the development of flexible and hybrid electronic systems.

Developments by our team include Printed Electronics and printed heaters. Printed Electronics are an evolution of membrane switches and use a similar design principle. Printed Electronics are highly sensitive to resistance when applied pressure. More the pressure applied to the surface of the sensor, lower is the resistance. They are widely used in industrial applications, including automotive sensors, computer input devices, interactive toys, medical dispensing, musical instruments and sports equipment to name a few.

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