Printed Flexible Heater

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Linepro's Flexible Printed Heaters are simple warming elements that are screen printed on flexible materials. Through careful control of design elements and the deposition of functional inks, flexible printed heaters can be made to specific operating parameters and can be customized according to user requirements.

Conventional heaters are heavy to transport, take up space, and can also fail due to faulty wires or coils. Printed heaters can be a solution to all these problems. Printed heaters are used in heated garments, automotive and medical applications, etc.

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Printed Flexible Heater
A Printed Flexible Heater by Linepro

Benefits of Printed Flexible Heater

  • Thin and flexible
  • Simple and lightweight
  • Can be easily incorporated into products
  • Durable in harsh environments
  • Increased safety
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What are Printed Heaters made of?

Functional conductive inks are screen printed on flexible substrates like polyester, polyamide, polycarbonate and Kapton film depending on what the application desires. For applications which requires inks to be printed on fabrics (E-textile), the preferred substrate is thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU).

Linepro's advanced Roll-to-Roll screen printing facility is exclusively established to manufacture printed components on flexible substrates. The facility is climatically isolated 10,000 class clean room for error-free heaters.

Printed Flexible Heater

Application Specific Printed Heaters

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Industry-wise Applications

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Heated wraps and braces
Heated hospital beds
Heated blankets
Heated physical therapy equipment
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Heated compression clothing
Heated gloves, socks, or caps
Heated equipment grips

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Safety Gear

Heated gloves for outdoor maintenance workers
Heated heavy equipment seats
Heated knee or back braces for workers who are on their feet

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Floor heating
Lab heaters
Heaters for manufacturing and industrial machinery

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Interior heating
Seat heating
Battery warming
Spacecraft temperature regulation
Temperature sensing
Plane heating
Airplane Wing de-icing

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Dehumidification & Deicing

Protection from freezing of outdoor devices
Condensation prevention of equipment
Dehumidification of Motors and Control Devices

Equipment wise Applications:
  • Aircraft Equipment
  • Battery Heating
  • Lab simulation and testing
  • Outdoor ATM or camera enclosure heating
  • Small, compact home appliances
  • LCD displays
  • Optical/Photographic equipment
  • Computer equipment (IC chips/PC Boards)
  • Satellite and communication equipment
  • Seat heater/pet warmer/heating pads
  • Food trays and food display shelving
  • Lab simulation and testing
  • Medical and Laboratory equipment and Instruments (eg. blood analyzer combined with our high precision temperature controller to control the temperature at +/-0.1 degree C)