A flexible transparent heater or transparent heating film may be required if a product has a see-through surface. This means that the transparent thin film heater must not interfere and visibly block the surface. Transparent heaters are used to heat surfaces close to an object that requires heating and must remain visible as well.

Linepro's dedicated R&D center for Printed Electronics has innovated transparent heaters. Our roll-to-roll automatic screen printing advanced manufacturing facility coupled with experienced engineers and designers create most accurate, uniform and temperature specific transparent heaters to best suit the required application as desired by users. Linepro's transparent heater requires low voltage and hence is suitable for various applications in our day-to-day lives. It is thinner, more transparent and incredibly light weight. Since it uses printed technology, it can be customized into any shape or size, depending upon user requirements.

The most important feature of Linepro's transparent heater is their optical transparency which gives a clear view of the surface even if the heater is pasted on it!

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What are thin film heaters in general?

Typical thin film heaters are used to maintain a comfortable temperature for humans. Besides human comfort application, thin film heaters can be used to keep electronic or electric control panels functional in adverse cold conditions by clearing ice or snow accumulation and condensation, and ensure safe operation of electronic equipment. Such heaters are a method of applying electric heating directly to a surface, if the intended application isn't suitable for wired or forced air heating.

Many applications, such as retail or commercial refrigeration systems and HMI touch panels on equipment, require a heat source to maintain best visibility and the touch interface active regardless of frost or condensation buildup. Heating films can be used to heat surfaces that have to be freed from snow, ice and fog. Thin film heaters are also used to heat objects within close proximity.

There is no doubt; the world of Transparent Flexible Heater is evolving rapidly. If you have any application for Flexible heaters, our expertise would be happy to help you in choosing the right technology for your product application.

 Thin Film Flexible Transparent heater

What Industries use Linepro's Thin Film Flexible Transparent Heating?

Transparent Flexible Heaters are finding its applications in various industries. By combining cost-effective screen-printing techniques, flexible substrates, and the latest functional inks, we produce flexible printed heaters and warming elements for many applications such as:

Automotive - Headlights
transparent heaters for automotives and automobile industry

Automotive Headlights employ transparent heatersin cold climates to melt the accumulated frost layers which hamper the lighting effect for enhanced visibility.

Safety & Security CCTV Cameras
membrane keypads and switches for medical oxygen concentrators

Outdoor Security Cameras are exposed to extreme chills and ice formation, transparent heaters on the optical lens of cameras help defrost and ensure clear visibilty.

Aerospace & Automotive- Windshields
transparent heaters for aeronautics, aerospace and aircrafts

Commercial - Retail Refrigerated Displays
membrane keypads and switches for Hospital Beds

Features: Membrane switches are used in hospital beds to make adjustments to the bed position and patient posture, allowing medical personnel to quickly attend to their patients’ needs.