MANUFACTURER OF PRINTED HEATER BASED WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY USING PRINTED ELECTRONICS With the advent of Printed Electronics, it is now possible to print conductive inks on thin and flexible substrates to create an electronic circuit to facilitate heating application. This is what we call as Printed Flexible Heater. Medical and Healthcare Heating Devices have quickly adopted Printed Heaters as an alternative to conventional heating methods employing wire coils. Heat Pads in past used wire coils as source of heat. But, wire coils make the end product bulky and heavy to be deemed portable.

Linepro is into consulting, designing and manufacturing of Printed Flexible Heaters. We are well-known for providing customized solutions by bringing your ideas into actual prototypes and subsequently into full-fledged product.

Why Linepro Printed Heating Solutions are preferred by product designers and healthcare professionals?

• Handcrafted belt to comfortably fit on specific body part to get optimum heat exposure
Portable: Independent and integrated battery source makes it possible to wear it anywhere, anytime without depending on electricity.
Shock-proof: Safe to use as printed heaters are safest compared to other modes of heating. Both sides of belt are insulated.
In-built Thermostat: Helps prevent overheating when left switched ON for longer durations
Pre-set heat levels: Depending on intensity of pain, we can control the temperature of belt at varied levels.

Printed Heater Datasheet

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Customized Flexible Printed Heater Solutions for Healthcare & Medical Wearable Devices

Linepro has dedicated Printed Electronics R&D center for developing customized printed heater based innovative products in India. We have worked with varied industrial and consumer companies for converting proposed heating concepts into reality, through printed heaters.We have designed printed heaters, integrated them into wearables and delivered mass production from our manufacturing facility.

We are capable of designing and manufacturing custom printed heater based products like apparels- heated jackets, gloves, beanies for cold regions. We have designed and manufactured heated steering and passenger seat covers for vehicles in extreme cold conditions. We have wide experience in printed heaters, no matter what the application is.

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Printed Heater Heat Belt Manufacturer

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Applications of Printed & Flexible Heat Belt

• Relief from soreness due to over-exertion
• Heat Therapy to stiffness in body parts and joints due to osteoarthritis
• Body Sensitivity either to water and environment can be minimized by heat therapy
• In case of arthritis, heating pad dilates blood vessels, thereby stimulating blood circulation and reduces muscle spasms
• The lower back pain is caused by strain and over-exertion. This will cause blood to stop flowing and send pain signals to the brain. This heating pad works by stimulating the skin's sensory receptors, which in turn reduces pain signals to the brain