PLC & SCADA based Keyboards for DCS Platforms


Linepro's Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) and SCADA Operation Keyboard for single loop operation is an industrial membrane keyboard with metal body that acts as an input device for Desktop type Human Interface Station(HIS). The design of the keyboard, placement of keys, click-effect for keypress, distinct graphics, LED based illumnation, rigid PCB based keyboard interface contribute to proper action mechanism by control personnel.

Our Engineers are well experienced in designing and manufacturing input devices for PLC and SCADA, specializing in operation keyboards where uniform performance, durability, user-friendliness and ergonomics are paramount.

We are renowned PLC based keyboard manufacturer for control systems that employ computers by Rockwell, Honeywell, GE, ABB, Schneider, Yokogawa etc.

Innovation is part and parcel of our culture, our industry experience of 30+ years enables us to deliver best keyboards world-wide.

PLC, SCADA Operation Membrane Keyboard Yokogawa AIP 827-1
PLC Operation Keyboard for Single Loop Operation

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Datasheet for PLC based keyboard for DCS

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Watch the Demo Video of Operation Keyboard for PLC/SCADA system

It is a all metal body keyboard with the front interface made of PCB based membrane keyboard. The keys are highly tactile (click on keypress). The keyboard is designed to attain durability - the front interface being PCB based, it is rugged to excessive and undue pressure by working personnel. Further, the control keys are composed of 3 primary sub-parts, consisting of alpha-numeric control, incremental and decremental keys, and direct control special function keys. It also has special window call keys grouped by function and 64 user-definable funciton keys which are used for process control and plant monitoring. It has full-speed, bus-powered 2.0 USB for PC compatibility.

PLC, SCADA Operation Membrane Keyboard Yokogawa AIP 827-1

Features of DCS PLC Keyboard:

  • Multifunction Keyboard with alpha-numeric, special operation and incremental/decremental keys on single interface
  • 197 configurable keys
  • Keyboard can be customized to meet application requirements
  • Most reilable input device for SCADA and PLC computer systems
  • LEDs for better perception of key entry and signalling
  • USB A type PC interface (USB 2.0 full speed)
  • Best durability - PCB based membrane keyboard and metal body
  • Dll interface for customize keys as bridge between keyboard & SCADA system.


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