Manufacturing Facility


Currently 10000 Sq.ft with additional area available to expand to 20000 Sq.ft

Major Equipments

• Endurance Test Machine
• Dome Pressure Tester
• Automatic Keyboard Tester
• Color Matching Machine
• Crimping Tools with ZIP and clincher
• Auto Exposing Machine
• Automatic Printing Machines
• UV Curing Machines
• Laser Cutting Machine

Environmental Controls

Clean air printing area.
Dust free assembly setup.

Commercial Information

VAT No: 27270711537V w.e.f. 18.5.2009
CST No: 27270711537C w.e.f. 18.5.2009
IEC No: 0310044626
Service Tax Registration Number: AABCL5974GSD001
Excise Registration Number: AABCL5974GEM001